Principles of aluminium-recycling industry in iraq


Aluminium and its alloys are considered as the most important in the series of lowdensity materials which have different industrial applications to justify the need forlow density suitable for advanced technology. As a result of increasing the cost ofmetals and their alloys during the last years, there were critical needs to get theengineering materials from their scraps; especially for aluminium alloys which havelow melting temperatures. It is world wide known that 40% of the total production ofhigh quality aluminium and its alloys from their scraps which need low energy around90% less than that required for production aluminium from ore.In this study, different scraps of aluminium and its alloys (wrought and casting) weredetermined. These alloys were collected from scraps of work shops, industry, ingots,used cans, used home appliance and equipments. It was found that there are noinformation regarding these scraps from industrial and environmental representatives.In order to obtain new products from these scraps, it requires knowing the quality ofthem. In spite of importance of this industry, it still a traditional and applied withoutany scientific or technological aspects.