Digitally Processed Geophysical Data Sets for Identification of Geological Features in Southern Iraq


The conventional remotely-sensed satellite imagery is suited for regionalinvestigations in areas of good exposures which are reduced in southern Iraq due tovegetation, water – covered areas and flat terrains. An imagery produced fromdigitally processed geophysical data is an extremely powerful technique foridentification of geological features in such areas of extreme economic importance .By utilizing an appropriate digital processing, the geophysical contour maps havebeen converted to geophysical images. Images produced from digitally processedgeophysical data (gravity and aeromagnetic) have been analyzed by polynomialfiltering ( using several degrees ) allow major features to be delineated clearly. Anintegrated image of gravity and aeromagnetic data sets has been produced using thebest of polynomial filtering ( 6th degree residuals ) . The interpretation of final outputimages shows the association of negative gravity and magnetic residual anomalieswith some anticlinal structures , while positive residuals are associated with theothers. The positive residuals could be due to basement uplift , and the reversedvalues could be due to deep- seated light core probably salt beds. Basrah depressionexhibits negative residuals.