The Influence of Water Injection on Two - Shaft Gas Turbine Performance with Regeneration


A two-shaft gas turbine type GT-85-2-H has been modified and convertedinto a research unit. The main modifications consist of incorporating regenerationsystem and water spray system in the inlet air duct of the GT-85-2-H gas turbine.The influence of regeneration and water injection in the air intake on gas turbineperformance has been studied. The results show that regeneration improves thethermal efficiency by about 56% due to reduction in the fuel consumption, andreduces the power output due to back pressure losses that occur because of theregenerative system by about 20.67%.The brake specific fuel consumption isreduced by about 59%.Water injection strongly affects the power output. Water injection tends toincrease the brake power output by about 47%.The thermal efficiency is alsoincreased by about 30%.The specific fuel consumption is reduced by about 29%.