The Impact of Educational Architectural Studio's Environment on Student's Performance


Generally;the conditions in an educational studio's by providing a suitableenvironment for the students, "place of work' has a profound impact on the student'sphysical and mental creativity. Hence; this study forms the basic for the preparationof a thoughtful generation of architects (designers) qualified to take leading roles inthe development and progress of the society.Basic requirement in the paper highlights the level of the Environment Conditions inthe educational architectural studios provided for the students and can be consideredas the main motive for the research, in determining the problems and procedures.The main aim of this research is directly related to the educational environmentcreated in the studios, "as place of work" and its impact on student's performance.Therefore, the research attempts to define the main characteristics in the studios andtheir specifications in order to explain the nature of the impact; this is done by usingthe analysis method and information used in (excel) analytical program. Thenconclusions and recommendations can be drawn.