Transparent Oxide MgO Thin Films Prepanred By Reactive Pused Laser Deposition


Transparent dielectric thin films of MgO have been deposited on glasssubstrates at different oxygen pressure between (50-300) mbar using a pulsed laserdeposition technique to ablation of Mg target in the presence of oxygen as reactiveatmosphere. Structural, and optical, properties of these films have beeninvestigated. The films crystallize in a cubic structure and X-ray diffractionmeasurements have shown that the polycrystalline MgO films prepared at oxygenpressure (200) mbar and substrate temperature (150°C) with (111) and (002)orientations. The films deposited at oxygen pressure between (150-300) mbar andsubstrate temperature (150°C) exhibited highest optical transmittivity (>80%) andthe direct band gap energy was found to be 5.01 eV at oxygen pressure (200) mbar.The measured of the resistivity of the film prepared at oxygen pressure (200) mbarand substrate temperature (150°C) was 1.45x107Ω cm.