Simple Adaptive Tracking Approach For Nonmaneuvering And Maneuvering Target


This article suggest a simple adaptive approach for tracking thenonmaneuvering and maneuvering target, this tracking approach uses two states percoordinate model to describe the target motion, the residue that provides from thisfilter is forms the sufficient statistic to detect the existence of maneuver by fadingmemory detector (FMD) with two-threshold value. When the residue exceeds one onthe threshold value, it is used to vary the maneuver noise spectral density (q) in thetwo states Kalman filter model. This approach is consider as an extended andenhanced for the Castella tracking filter [3] which proposed to track the maneuveringtargets for a low data rate track-while-scan (TWS) operation. However, theperformance of the suggested approach is tested under different flight environments tocompare the effectiveness of it with the performance of the Castella tracking filter.