Study of The Effect of Carbon Contents on The Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steels


The Plain-Carbon steel are considered as one of the most commonmetallic materials used in engineering and industrial applications due to its abilityin altering the micro-structures and mechanical properties as the result of carboncontent. These alterations have direct effect on the corrosion rate of steel bybuilding up galvanic corrosion cells between its microscopic phases. The effect ofcarbon content on the corrosion resistance of Hypo-eutectoid plain carbon steelshaving different carbon contents such as 0.05%C , 0.2%C , 0.35%C , 0.5%C , and0.65%C have been studied using three testing durations which are 4 weeks, 6weeks, and 8 weeks and different corrosion environments such as atmosphere,fresh water, and salt water. The aim of the present work is to obtain the effect ofcarbon content on the corrosion resistance of steels in different corrosion mediumby using the weight loss technique as a function of the corrosion resistance. Theresults, which have been obtained during this work show that a correlation can bemade between corrosion rates and steels carbon content, and the corrosionresistance decreases with the increase in carbon content.