Study of The Mechanical Properties For Particulate Polymer Blend Composite


This research involves using epoxy resin and (Nitride Butadiene RubberNBR) to form a blend with different resin ratios (90 – 10)%, (80 – 20)%,(70 – 30)%, and (60 – 40)% to achieve better ratio for impact strength as afunction of better toughness; then reinforced with SiO2 and Al2O3 powders with(20%) volume fraction. Mechanical properties were studied including impactstrength, wear resistance, and hardness before and after immersion in water andHCl (0.5N).Results showed that the composite (epoxy+NBR+SiO2) had betterproperties compared with blend and Al2O3 composite. Also the acid solution hadaffected then properties more than water. All impact and wear and hardnessdecreased after immersing in solution.