Thinking Skills in Architectural Work A Study of Thinking Skill Levels at Student of Architecture


A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often withthe minimum outlay of time, energy, or both . Skills can often be divided intodomain - general and domain - specific skills . An architect should ideally be aperson possessing large variety of skills and capabilities like : goodcommunication, shows strong drawing able to solve problem, capable in abstractthinking and seeing the wider context of things and believes in collaboration. Inpractice, architects usually are good at technologies, project work, but in theprevious studies they seem a lacking of framework knowledge about thinking skillsand their levels in architectural education , and that what the research problemconcentrates on .To achieve this it is necessary to : formulate conceptualframework about thinking skills which consists of three layers : first, the nature ofthinking (kind and its direction), second productive thinking strategies , and thirdthe necessary skills to fulfill the design process which consists of eight skills , andthe application focuses on four ; focusing skills, organizing skills, analyzing skillsand generating skills which applied on texts written by the students themselves .This paper shows that the significant skill was focusing skills, where the students attending to selected piece of information and ignoring others by well definingproblem .