Analytical Criticizing Study of Contract Conditions for Civil Engineering Works, Issued by the Ministry of Planning and Developing Cooperation at 2007


For the important role of (Contract Conditions for Civil EngineeringWorks) as a principal contractual document, that regulates rights, duties, anddelegations of the Client, the Contractor, the Engineer, and their representatives inthe construction project. This analytical criticizing study has been carried out,covering the Contract Conditions, issued by the Ministry of Planning andDeveloping Cooperation in August 2007. The study aims at amendments, seekingfor justice in consequence to preliminary bond, natural conditions, equipment, timeeffect on cost, supporting excesses, stopping works, and inception date. Then to beconsistent with Iraqi laws concerning invalidation, definitions, contradiction rules,calculation mechanism of liquidated damages, limiting variations domain, andrenovating obsolete rules. In addition, it seeks for better organizing by classifyingthe rules, providing enough spaces to write down related information, specifyingtime schedule and construction method, supporting national products, insurance,tests, and extending period. It also seeks for proper Arabic by using suitableexpressions and titles, omitting not mentioned refers, correcting words and typingmistakes. It is recommended that the Ministry of Planning and DevelopmentCooperation may take with these recommendations.