Design and Simulation of A New Proposed Single-Slope Integrating Analog-to- Digital Converter System Based on Non-Linear Amplifiers


In this paper, a unipolar single-slope integrating analog-to-digitalconverter(ADC) is discussed, designed, and simulated, whereas, its conversiontime is less than that of the dual-slope integrating ADC.The proposed systemconsists of logarithmic amplifier,anti-logarithmic amplifier, integrator, counter,control logic unit and two timers stages.The proposed design characterizes some of significant properties whichmake it distinguished from the other previous designed systems, such as, it hasgood noise immunity because of passing of the analog input signal through theintegrator circuit which it considered as a low pass filter. This system is capableto convert an analog voltage of range of (0.0 – 0.6) volt using non-linearamplifiers. At last, this system has very good forward linearity relation between theoutput digital number and the analog input voltage value which is realized later bytheoretical calculation and simulation results.This system is simulated and tested using software package ElectronicWorkbench version V9, and one can see that simulation results approach to thetheoretical results, so for this reason, this system possesses acceptable design andperformance.