The Effect of Fiber Orientation on Creep Behavior And Flextural Strength In Epoxy Composites


The creep behavior, flexural strength, shear stress was investigated in thispaper for epoxy, epoxy composite reinforced with glass fibers: (chopped strand mat),woven roven (90о-0о) and chopped strand mat together as a sandwich composite withvolume fraction (21, 25, 29) % for each type. The tests were done at constanttemperature (room temperature (23 ± 2) оC.The results shown that the increasing in volume fraction increases the creepbehavior, flextural strength, shear stress for all samples also the results shown theeffect of fiber orientation in increasing the creep behavior, flextural strength, shearstress in sandwich composites in comparession with the composites reinforced withrandomly glass fibers.