Study of Mechanical Properties of Porcelain Restorative Material By Using CO2 Laser Beam


The aim of this research is to study the mechanical properties of porcelainrestorative material by using CO2 laser beam. (10) specimens of porcelain materialhave been prepared. They divided into two groups with dimensions (4*10mm)& (6*10mm) respectively.Eight of these specimens are irradiated by CO2 laser device at different laserpowers (2,3,4,& 5) Watt at a fixed time (20 sec). The mechanical properties whichwas tested, such as micro-hardness, diametrical strength, density, and porosity. Thevalue of micro-hardness, diametrical strength, density are increased at differentlaser power except (3W), because internal deformation occurred in this laser powerdensity up to (3W). Glazed layer may be occur because the effect of (4,5) Wattlaser, consequently the value of porosity decreased.