Extraction and Characterization of A Chromosomal Stain From Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra)


A dark-blue chromosomal stain from Black Mulberry (Morus nigra) wasextracted using organic solvents including dioxane, n-hexane, petroleum ether andacetone. This extracted stain stained chromosomes satisfactory. In order toascertain purity of the extracted stain, it was compared spectrophotometery withthree commercial standards stains; they are Azur II Eosin, Giemsa’s andMethylene blue Stains using a 200-900nm Spectrophotometric scan at threedifferent concentrations (25, 50 and 100mg/ml).It was found that the second peaks produced by Azur II eosin and Giemsastain (as well as the single peak produces by Methylene blue) occupied the samearea occupied by the second peak of the extracted stain, which agree to somedegree of similarity. The extracted method proved to be an appropriate analyticaltechnique with hope that further trials can be carrying out to simplify theextracting of the stain in future researches and make it less expensive.