Datum of Subjectivity – Objectivity In Architecture Analyses Study In Architecture Theory


The search is not around the modern, postmodern or deconstructionarchitecture, but dealing with the meaning of theory from three aspects:First: The meaning or theory from its owns.Second: Meaning of theory and its related with meaning of knowledge.Third: Search the three meanings of the architectural knowledge in the same conceptual framework.And this presented by studied of each concept individually and diagnoses the component points between the above conceptions. To present a new read (view) for architectural theory concept to ward architectural knowledge theory and a part of indexes to that is the architecture usually pointed as posteriori criticism that mean the architecture present it self a period of time and then start criticism and theorization phases later on, where is the synchronic is absent between the theory and its existing (architectural existing), but theory criticism occur later after introduced it self as architectural productions and the architecture term obviously clear when be present as being incarnate in this architecture.And these are leading points to assumptions that the architecture is present before the theory.