The Effect of Artificial Lighting on The Visual Suggestion of The Building's Façade


The light is an energy that surround and distinguish interface configuration ,Considering that the formation of an optical interface as well as being physicists .So The research go to clarify the effect of Artificial Lighting in the interfaceswithin the effectiveness of the receiver , and to clarify the aesthetic and cognitiveeffect on the receiver .The research care to provide the information base concerning to the lightingdecisions and to facilitate the performance during the design practice . Theresearch problem depend on the absence clear indicator of the scientific view on(The effect of artificial lighting on visual suggestion of the building's façade) .The purpose of research clarifying the effect of artificial lighting on the façadepsychological and aesthetical and to defining the role of lighting on suggestion act .The results of the research discussed and analyzed the relationship betweenartificial lighting and visual suggestion of building façade .