The Effect of Welding Process by MIG on The Fatigue Resistance For Steel At Constant And Variable Capacity Stresses


This paper aims to study the effect of loading constant and variablecapacity on the fatigue resistance of carbon steel AISI 1020 which welded bymetal inert gas and comparing it with metal without welding process .All the fatigue tests for constant capacity were done by rotating bendingof mean stress estimated to be zero. The test for variable capacity stress was doneat high-low stress, so the amount of high stress was near the maximum ultimatetensile stress for metal before welding which is obtained from tensile test whichwas done for the metal before and after welding. It has been found equal to 400MPa for the metal without welding and 450 MPa for welding metal. Low stresswhich is selected as percent from fatigue resistance for constant capacity stresswhich is 10-15-20% from fatigue limit.