Evaluation of Observed Energy From Adiabatic Impact on Composite Lamenates


In this paper, the energy observed due to impact of conical projectiles oncomposite laminates is investigated. Four types of energies observed were studied.They are strain energy due to deformation of plate, large deformation near theimpact zone, delaminating energy and energy losses due to friction.The equation of motion of plate was developed for orthotropic laminatedplate and solved with its boundary conditions. Large deformation of delaminatedzone was derived assuming deformation shape formulation to calculate thepenetration depth and delaminating radius. Delaminating energy was calculatedby solving the delaminating failure criteria with equation of motion. Frictionenergy was calculated assuming constant friction coefficient.The results show that the energy of deformation of plate is smaller thanthat for the large deformation and delaminating energy. And as cone angleincreases the energy observed will be increased and the depth of penetrationdecreases. Numerical and experimental results quoted in published papers show agood agreement with that of the presented work.