Computer Aided Manufacturing Cost Estimation for Plastic Product


Cost is one of the foundations which the producer and the customer dependon it to distinction between the products Therefore, we find that efforts are beingmade to control the cost of manufacturing a product to satisfy the desire of thecostumer (high quality and less costs) and achieve the objectives of the company.Used for the purpose of the Estimate the manufacturing product cos tdifferentmathematical methods such as (the traditional cost estimating method , Activitybased costing estimating method , parametric cost estimating method … ) thatcan be used manually to resolve the problems of small and few variables, and useof computer software to help in solving the big problems. The most accuratemethod in estimating the cost of manufacturing product cost becouse its one of quantitative methods to be followed to measure the cost and performance for eachactivity, and activating the role of oversight based on the continuous comparisonbetween what has been achieved in the workplace and the plans and evaluate thelevel of achievement.The process of estimating the manufacturing product cost ina productive firm is done by determining the cost of use the equipment, machines,tools, employees hours, the information required to produce the products, as wellas the cost of service activities and administrative costs. To utilize from the similarcost of previous products to make the estimating process with some changescounting on the type of the material and the complex degree of the product.The research focuses on studying and estimating the manufacturing cost andapplied it on one of the plastic products made by the General Company ofElectrical Products via using estimating the cost method that depends on theactivities and how they consuming the available resources in the productive firm.Computers used in designing and creating a computer system, to calculate andestimate the total cost of the products by using (Visual In addition,comparing the results of this research with the actual ones in a firm adopting thehand basis utilized from the accumulated experience of the estimator.