Scabbing and Perforation Local Effect of Impactors on Concrete Structures


This paper only deals with the effect of hard missile impact (impacting missileis so stiff that its deformability is negligible to the target deformability) and missilevelocity between 28 to 103m/s are considered. Available formulae for predictionthe scabbing and perforation thickness of concrete structure impacted by solidmissile are summarized and reviewed. Based on statistical analysis of existing data,two new more safe formulae have been proposed for predicting the scabbing andperforation thickness of concrete structures due to impact by solid missiles. Thenew scabbing and perforation thickness formulae include, missile parameter whichare weight of the missile(W), diameter of the missile(D), velocity of the missile(V), and target parameter which are concrete member thickness (t), and concretemember strength (fc'). The simplified formulae for scabbing and perforationthickness of concrete structure impacted by solid missile are presented in terms ofpenetration depth (Xp). Comparison between present scabbing and perforationthickness of concrete structures impacted by solid missile with other researchresults are presented.