Diffusivity of water in Unplasticised PVC


The current study concerns an investigation of diffusion mechanism ofdifferent kinds of water into thermoplastic material (type unplasticised PVC,(UPVC)) that is often used as pipes for healthy draining purposes and otherservices.After preparation of samples from this material, they were immersed in glasscontainers which contain (sea water, river water, rain water, distilled water, andtap water), the weights of these samples are measured at periodic time of soaking.The aim of this work is introducing an idea about the diffusion behavior and thepenetration of water through the material under study, then, the values of diffusioncoefficient (Dx) are evaluated for each type of water mentioned above.After comparing the obtained results from these tests, it is found that the distilledwater has the higher value of (DX) into the (UPVC) material, it is followed by thesea water and then the rainwater, while each of the river and tap water record thelowest values.