A Multiband Fractal Dipole Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications


mmunication applications. The proposed fractal antenna design is based onfractal geometry of the second level tent function transformation. Due to theresulting geometrical structures of a fractal tent function curve depend on thestarting angles of the initial tent function, many dipole antennas have beenmodeled and the corresponding radiation characteristics have been evaluated.Theoretical performance of these antennas has been calculated using the methodof moments (MoM) electromagnetic simulator, IE3D. Simulation results of manytent fractal dipole antennas which have been modeled show that all of theseantennas have multiband resonate behavior, but this resonate behavior is differentaccording to the starting angle for each antenna. The results have shown that theseantennas have acceptable performance for VSWR ≤ 2 (return loss ≤ -10 dB),using a 50W feed line, at most of the resonating frequencies. This feature providesantenna designer with more degree of freedom, and makes the proposed antenna(or its monopole counterpart) suitable for use in the modern multi-functionscommunication systems