Effect of Rapid Thermal Annealing on CuO Thin Film Prepared by PLD


In this study, thin films of CuO were deposited on glass substrates usingthermal laser evaporation technique. The structure characterization of the film wascarried out with XRD. The results of XRD show that all samples have apolycrystalline .The optical measurements on the deposited films were performedto determine the transmission spectrum and the absorption coefficient as afunction of incident wave length. Then from the optical parameters, extinctioncoefficient, dielectric constant with two part real and imaginary part, value andtype of energy gap, type of the dominant absorption processes, real and complexrefractive index as functions of incident photon energy, were determined. Theenergy gap is found to be equal to 1.8 eV for CuO that is direct transfer . Thisresults is agree to the results given by other researchers. Then thin films annealedthermal rapid by using halogen lamp .The annealing influence very much to thinfilm by addition an enhancement to the thin films