Watermarks Technique in MPEG-1Video by B-spline


As the computers are more and more integrated via the network, thedistribution of digital media is becoming faster, easier, and requiring less effort tomake exact copies. One of the major impediments is the lack of effectiveintellectual property protection of digital media to discourage unauthorizedcopying and distribution.This paper aims to produce random and dynamic watermarking technique toprovide copyright protection for digital media (video) by embedding a digitalimage for video sequences compressed according to the MPEG-1 video codingstandard.Digital image is used to be embedded in one of the most widespread video codingstandard (MPEG-1), by implementing third degree B-spline curve equation on Iframesmacroblocks data to interpolate data and provide according to thecomparing condition effective points that represent the selected location wherewatermark image will be embedded.Using B-spline curve fitting equation will show distribution of watermark locationthrough secondary intra-frame of MPEG-1 standard by drawing curves dependingon watermarked points as control points.Test measurements will be used to prove robustness of the proposed techniqueagainst watermark attacks and control point for curve drawing illustrating howwatermark image is distributed among a number of video samples.