Tuning Controller for Induction Motor using Model Reference Adaptive Control


This paper is an attempt to design an adaptive controller using model referenceadaptive control algorithm involving Indirect Field Oriented Control of an A.C.Induction Machine as a nonlinear plant, without the need for modeling (knowingthe plant equations) except the plant order. The objective is to study the controllerparameters effect to reflect the performance specification in the control tasks, suchas rise time, settling time and overshoot in order to design a controller with anadjustment mechanism so us the closed loop system remains stable. The secondplant used is a D.C. Motor as a linear plant to verify the capability of thesuggested method for a linear plant. The model is chosen with respect to the orderof the plant. The suggested method is to find the initial values of the controllerparameters by using a designed table which gives a good response compared withthe conventional method (tuned PI controller); in addition the designed controllerhas an enhancement on the response with the time regarded to the adaptationmechanism.