Determining Performance Evaluation Equation for Companies of the Ministry of Housing and Construction


Performance evaluation is one of the most important factors of control functionfor firms regardless to the nature of the firms and their objectives. Then reachingthe value that represents the total performance for any company can be consideredas a high important issue. Hence contracting companies of the ministry of housingand construction can be considered as the executive arm for the ministry, then ’istimportant for the top management to check the total performance for thesecompanies to compare between them and to compare the annual progress inperformance development. TheTheoretical part for this paper is represented bydefinitions and functions of performance evaluation. On the other hand,a fieldsurvey was done by collecting data required to attain research objectiverepresented by the mathematical model of performance evaluation As these datawere not enough, a questionnaire was designed and collected to accomplish themissing data reach a mathematical model using multiple linear regression analysis.The final result was an equation of eleven independent variables giving the total performance result for contracting companies of the ministry of housing and withcorrelation factor R of 1.0.