Experimental Investigation of The Steady Motion of Spherical- Cap Bubble


The aim of the present work is to study the hydrodynamics of sphericalcapbubble, rise bubble velocity, shape of bubble, and drag coefficient. Theexperimental work of two-phase ,air-water system was carried out using a Perspexcolumn of 14.5 cm diameter and 180 cm height. A known volume of air wassupplied to the cup from a syringe. The single gas bubble rose through theentrance region by turning the cup instantaneously. The rise bubble velocity wasmeasured by visual observation. In order to measure the terminal velocity anelectronic timer (Stop-Watch) was used. The drag coefficient of air spherica–l capbubble rising in water was measured and found to be a value between (2.8-3.8) forall Reynolds number. The experimental results are compared with the theoreticalresults of some investigators.