Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Experimental results of this work in addition to a wide range of data from previous workwere analyzed to study the mechanical properties and strength of high-strength concrete with andwithout fibers. Different types of steel fibers (straight, hooked, duoform, crimped) with a volumefraction ranging from 0 to 2 percent were studied. The concrete compressive strength ranged from 41to 115 MPa. The influence of fiber on the compressive strength, axial strain, modulus of elasticity,Poisson's ratio, modulus of rupture, and splitting tensile strength, were studied. In addition to that,size effect of control specimens on high-strength fiber reinforced concrete materials, was observed.The main conclusion indicates that high-strength concrete (HSC) properties, especially with fibersare significantly different from normal-strength concrete (NSC).