Study The Effect of Co Concentration In Nico Thin Films on Some Structure And Mechanical Properties


Electroplating process has been used to prepare Magnetic NiCo alloys thinfilm with thickness of 1μm on brass alloy substrate using different Coconcentrations .Surface morphology, XRD, atomic absorption, apparent density,open porosity, stresses and microhardness of pure and alloys thin film has beeninvestigated. Results indicated that the pure and alloy of thin films waspolycrstaline with (111) domain orientation changed to (101) with increment Codeposited percentage, which is spontaneously increase with Co molarity increasedin the deposition solution.Microstructure for thin films change from nodularstructure to pyramidal and dendritic structure with changing Co content in film.Apparent density for prepared thin films was less than theoretical density about(8g/cm3), and varying with actual Co deposited content. Open porosity alsoreduced in general with increment of Co content. Mechanical properties showsalteration in internal stress behavior of deposited thin films from compressivestress to tensile stress at (0.05M) of Co. Microhadness also increased withincreasing in the Co percentage in deposited thin films,to about(467Kg/mm2).