Evaluating Test Image Quality as a Function of illumation


The optical imaging systems, do not give a perfect and ideal image. Butmostly give images with limited resolutions i.e. give images with blur edges. Thisblurring attributed to two main reasons. The diffraction of light and Aberrations ofthe optical imaging system. The most important information and details in theimage that contained in image edges. The fidelity criteria are evaluate the quality,depending on the whole image plane or in homogenous image regions. so we dealt, in our study , with image estimation depending upon calculating the contrast(mcontrast) of edges regions . Specifying the edges in the image is made by usingsoble operator . Also , several different and new methods were proposed tocalculate the contrast . Contrast is one of the most standards of the checking imagequality. In addition the value of the absolute central moment (ACM) and thestandard deviation (s ) one calculated to evaluate the images quality withdifferent lighting.