Computer- Aided Setup Planning of Machine Tools For Different Machining Operations


Most of machining &manufacturing operations done by differentmachining machine tools, where the machining parts pass through differentmachining operations, starting from raw material to the final product. Machiningparts accuracy depends on machine accuracy, inaccuracy of machine leads to longoperation time &high cost. In this research planning turning operation machineincluding cutting tool planning by finding the best setting up size of cutting tool.The practical application has been done by machining (12) samples in differentsize on turning machine &finding best setting up size for the cutting tool from thesurface of the machining part by using dotted diagram& setting up size Equation,we found best setting up size=41.70 8 mm for different operations of turningmachine. So finding the best setting up size is necessary to decrease the times ofturning machine tool setup (increasing the time between tool re-setup) to decreasethe machining time& cost to minimum as much as possible. Using Q-Basiclanguage to build computer aided Program to find optimum setting up size.