An Efficient Technique for Information Recovery of Erroneous Medical Image Blocks Transmitting Over Error Prone Networks


Imperfect transmission of block-coded images often causes lost blocks.These blocks may contain very important information of image. In thispaper, an efficient method of error concealment scheme is proposed forrestoring lost blocks and lines in medical images that are transmitted overerror prone network such as the internet and wireless networks. It adoptedthe idea of data hiding that can be implemented in the DCT domain. Thealgorithm determines the most important information in each block oforiginal image and rotated one by 900 clockwise and embeds this informationinto another block that is not adjacent to it, since adjacent blocks have highprobability to be lost at the same time. Simulation results show that thevisual quality and the PSNR evaluation of a reconstructed image aresignificantly improved using the proposed scheme with respect to othertechniques.