Effect of Masonry Units Type and Concrete Grouting on Compressive Strength of Prisms


Masonry is a well proven building material possessing excellent properties interms of appearance, durability and cost in comparison with alternatives.However, the quality of the masonry in a building depends on the materials used,and hence all masonry materials must conform to certain minimum standards. Thebasic components of masonry are block, brick and mortar, the latter being in itselfa composite of cement, lime and sand.Two types of masonry units (brick and concrete block) were used to construct theprism and some of them were grouted by concrete. The uniaxial compressivestrength test was done and stress-strain behavior has been obtained. Using linearregression analysis, a simple empirical equation has been proposed for obtainingthe compressive strength for masonry that can be used in the analysis and designprocedures.