Analytical Solution for Anthropomorphic Limbs Model, (IK of Human Arm)


This paper considers a proposed algorithm for computation of the inversekinematics(IK) model of the human arm. This algorithm introduces a new IK methodsuitable for reaching tasks performed by autonomous and interactive virtual humans.The basic problem is to pose the character in such a way that arm hand reaches thetarget ( position and orientation ) in space. The algorithm is composed of two phases.The first phase is the limitation of real task which concerning the human armmovement and the second phase presents the analytical solution for inverse kinematicsproblem (IKP) by trigonometric relations and algebraic solution according tolimitation of joints. This algorithm is simulated by using MATLAB Ver. R2008a, andsatisfied results are obtained, that explains the ability of the proposed algorithm tosolve the inverse kinematics problem for real human arm.