The Design System for Educational Environment In The Theme of Digital Revolution


The appearance of digital media (Information and communication), in thetwentieth century and its development during the twenty first century has made noticeable achievements and has clearly inflected our way of life activities. The change from normal activities to digital activities, especially with increased use of the international information network (the internet) suggested a new logic and a different entity to a new community which we can call "Digital community". The digital revolution appeared in all fields of life and affected in a huge way many life activities in form of jumps or shocks in the civilized society. The importance of this research draws its material from the current and future digital revolution ineducational environment and attempts to forecast the future outcomes, so that education policy makers and designers of educational services hear in mind these changes during decisions taken for necessary strategies. The research is based on the analytical syllabus that builds the current and future outlook for educationalenvironment systems, and study's the reality, predictions for near future. The research is divided into five main parts; the first takes an abstract look into digital revolution and its effect in educational environment. The second; involves the analytical study in the methods and goals of the projects. The third; presents a study in two dimensions and they are, the digital education activities as a theme in the age of digital revolution, and the digital education environment in the new age of digital revolution. The fourth; involves discussions of the system of educational environment and its design dimensions. Conclusions and recommendations for future remedies are drawn from the syllabus and listed in the fifth and final part.