Preparation of ELISA Kit for detection of Brucella infection


Preparation of antigen from Br.melitensis strain Rev1 was done by usingultrasonication, Column chromatography used to analysis of protein component ofantigen; four peaks on chromatography were observed.Electrophoresis techniques used for characterization of antigen, different inmolecular weight (M.W) protein bands were showed in electrophoresis rangedbetween 478630-123060 Dalton.A group of guinea pigs was infected experimentally with virulent strain ofBrucella abortus & Brucella melitensis.Peak that obtained by chromatographywere used to indicate Brucella infection with the 2 virulent strains (Brucellaabortus & Brucella melitensis).The best result obtained by using peak two which have the protein concentration364.2 μg/ml a comparative study was done using a kit prepared by SynbioticsCompany and the result was positive in Brucella abortus infection and negative inBrucella melitensis infection.