The Use of Multi Media Filter for removing pollutants from Nineveh Drugs Industry


Study depending on using of multi media filter consists of activated carbon,ceramic, sand in order to treatment wastewater of Nineveh Drugs Industry whichcontained of many amount of chemicals .Raw effluents passed through filters tofound the efficiency removal of pollutions .Many tests had done for more than 20samples such as ;pH, E.C, COD, T.S, S.S , T.H, Ca-H, PO4,NO3, pb, Cu, Zn , Cd,Ca, Mg .The highest and lowest value of organic load value of the waste havebeen chosen for treatment at rate 5 and 10 m/hr .Comparison carried out between(Activated carbon-sand) filter and(ceramic –sand) filter in order to finding themost effective of removal .The results showed that filter(activated carbon –sand) ismore effective than filter (ceramic-sand).Removal efficiency on to (activated carbon–sand) at lowest and highest organic load respectively reached to(92% and73%) for SS and (%58, % 40) for COD( 85% and 56%) for lead. Lead was themost effective removal from heavy metal. Multi media filter is gave most effectiveremoval efficiency at lowest and highest organic load respectively (95%, 92%) forS.S and (%73 %58 ) for COD and (87.5%, 73%) for lead.The effluent casting to river except cadmium was within limits . COD value waswithin limits of casting to river at low organic load and exceed limits at highorganic load. Current velocity at rate5 m/hr is most effective