Insulating Light Weight Aggregate Concrete


The weather in Iraq is hot in summer and cold in winter. Therefore , thethermal insulation is of the main problems facing the engineers working inbuilding and housing sectorThe paper presents an experimental investigation, It includes preparation ofseveral concrete mixes using lightweight aggregate (siporex and porcelinite &suwdast ) to obtain light weight concrete of two densities ranging from (350-880kg/m3), which provides a good thermal insulation. Based on the analysis ofexperimental results several graphs and Tables have been prepared and presentedwhich can be used in the mix design of similar siporex concrete of densities from(350-880 kg/m3) . The physical properties of siporex concrete , have been foundwhich included density (765-822kg/m3) , compressive strength (1.51-2.2 N/mm2)& (2.8-3.7 N/mm2) ,thermal conductivity ( 0.19-0.39 W/M.K) for the two groupsrespectively.