Study of the Optical Constants of the PMMA/PC Blends


The aim of the present work is concerned with the study of the opticalconstants of the PMMA/PC blend at different concentrations.The samples are casted as films from the PMMA and PC homopolymers andblend. These polymer systems are evaluated spectrophotometically. Theabsorption spectra of homopolymers and PMMA/PC blends at differentconcertation showed absorption changes in the wavelength range, which dependson the polymer type, and the concentration of the polymer blends. It was foundthat 50% ratio from these polymers showed higher absorption values incomparison with the homopolymers, besides, the absorption spectroscopy of thepolymer blends did not always effect the similar information obtained from thespectroscopy of the homopolymers .A phenomenon was attributed to immiscibilityor phase separation as associated with the blends formation. The results of theoptical constant proved that 50%ratio was the best, which was attributed to thelowest energy gap (2.5 eV). Morphological investigations for thecasted polymer systems were introduced.