Watermarking in WAV Files Bases on Phase Coding


The growth of the network multimedia open the illegal ways for users to use thedigital media without any hindrance or control. This state created, the need for thecopyright protection of various digital media. WAV audio files is one of these media,these media file format itself has no built in copy protection controls. Other systemsmust be used to prevent illegal copying called watermarking. In this paper, we usedthe phase coding method to embed the watermark, by using FFT method in two ways.The first way used the block size of the wave data equal to (22) and the second wayused the block size of the wave data equal to (23).The results of the above two ways shows that, when we use the first way thenoise of the sound will be very smaller than the results of the second way. On theother hand the length of the watermark in second way will be longer than when usethe first way. Finally, we can say that the two ways yield good results.