Advanced Neighborhood Operation Based Image Zooming In


Perhaps the most interesting feature of digitally encoded image data is thatthe image can be analytically manipulated. An entire field of computer graphics,named image processing, has emerged as a result of this capability. Once the datais numerically represented and stored in a manner that corresponds to the imageitself, the information can be manipulated by a computer in order to compress theimage, correct defects, enhance its qualities, geometrically transform it, performmeasurements, detect patterns and objects, and manipulate it in many other forms.This paper provides an overview of the types of image processing operations andintroduces an advanced algorithm to enlarge an image to get a closer look. Thisalgorithm changes the magnification of the image and displays the new view in anew figure. It determines the pixel's 3-by-3 neighborhood at the output image,distributes the value of the center pixel in the input matrix to the entire pixel'sneighborhood corresponding to it, and filtering the enlarged image by median.This proposed algorithm is tested with many image classes and the results show itsvery good ability to perform the image zooming in. Some preprocessing and postprocessing is done automatically which improve this algorithm and give itsadvantages over the traditional zooming operations. The programming languageMATLAB is used to realize the proposed algorithm