Study on The Production of Ammonium Sulfate Fertlizer From Phosphogypsum


The production of ammonium sulfate fertilizer from phosphogypsumis studied. The phosphogypsum is considered by product from extraction processof sulphoric acid. The mereseberg process is used a waste of phosphogypsum withammonium carbonate to produce ammonium sulfate as a main product andcalcium carbonate as a byproduct. It is a process could be used as a successfulmethod in phosphate industry (AL-Qauim).The flow diagram is drawn to illustratethe mersberg process then material balance is done. The carbonation process isone of the stage of mereseberg method, then carried out at constant temperature(44Co) because of the reaction is exothermic and high temperature causesdecomposition of ammonium carbonate and low temperature causes precipitatedifferent kind of salts. From results of laboratory experiments the temperature ofammonium sulfate preparation is done in 23Co and the ratio of phosphogypsum toammonium carbonate (400ml /192 gm phosphogypsum ) at reaction time( 4 )hours. The aim of this work focus on making a process flow diagram which isused in dealing with waste of phosphogypsum and production a useful product.