Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Characteristics of NACA 23015 under different angles of attack and Comparison with Available Package


A Model of wing section of type (NACA 23015) had been built to be investigated andstudy the aerodynamic characteristics in a subsonic wind tunnel at different angles ofattack in order to calculate the aerodynamic coefficients such as lift, drag, moment andpressure coefficients. The effect of changing the angle of attack on the aerodynamiccoefficients was investigated. Then a virtual model of the wing section and wind tunnelhad been programmed and tested by available standard packages such as the (DesignFoil) Program which uses Panel Method to calculate the aerodynamic coefficients, andthe finite element package (Ansys Ver.9). A comparison was made to the arrived resultswith the experimental data to check the accuracy of the results, and both experimentaland theoretical results were convergent. The percentage of similarity between theexperimental and theoretical was 83% for the Aerodynamic characteristics.