Multi-Delay Biorthogonal Coded/Balanced TR-UWB Receiver for WPAN Based on Hadamard Matrix


Impulse radio ultra wideband (IR-UWB) communication is becoming an importanttechnology for future Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). One of the criticalchallenges in IR-UWB system design is the inter-pulse interference (IPI). A Transmit-reference(TR) receiver is proposed to completely remove the IPI especially at low input frame energy-tonoise-ratio (Ef/No) values. This receiver is based on the using of a modified version ofHadamard matrix to yield a biorthogonal coded words instead of orthogonal ones. On the otherhand, from the complexity view, the proposed TR receiver in this paper has high complexity ascompared with the balanced coded orthogonal TR receiver proposed recently but it outperformsit.