Studying The Effect of Tool Nose Radius on Workpiece Run Out and Surface Finish


Tool geometry play an important role in mechanical machining and surface finish ofworkpiece. So there are many parameters such as cutting speed ,feed rate ,and tool noseradius that are known to have a large impact on surface quality,however there are manymore parameters that have an effect on the surface roughness . this paper fouced on effect oftool nose radius on surface roughness and run out which causes tool chatter, the expermentsprove that high values of nose radius causes rough surface with high value of run out also inthis paper use seven different values of nose radius of cutting tool were(0.3,0.4, 0.5. 1 , 1.5,2, 2.5mm) under different of cutting conditions ( such as feed rate ,cutting speed , depth ofcut ) Results show that good surface finish at nose radius (0.4, 0.5 )mm which lead to reducetool chatters, work run out during machining another calculations were done theoriticallyfor arithmetic roughness which have a small difference with experimentally tests andincreasing of roughness and run out at values less than (0.3mm).