Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Tee Beams


A three-dimensional finite element computer program ( 3DMPCP ) hasbeen developed to investigate the behaviour of prestressed reinforced concretebeams and to predict their ultimate loads. To verify the ability of this computerprogram in predicting the correct behaviour of prestressed concrete beams, analysisof a simply supported prestressed reinforced concrete tee beam was carried out.The beam section is 1.12 m deep, 2.44 m flange width and it is designed for a spanof 32.3 m from support to support. The test load, 0.85(1.4 DL. + 1.7 LL.), wasapplied to the beam and flexural cracks were observed at midspan. The finiteelement analysis has indicated that numerical load-central deflection curveobtained is in good agreement with the experimental one. The analysis also givesthe expectation for the ultimate load value. Distribution of concrete normal stressthroughout a cross section and along the beam, at different stages of loading , arepresented