Developing the Discharge Capacity of Al Husa'chi River


Al Husa'chi River is one of the three main branches of Al Ka’hla River in Maissangovernorate. Its length is 25 km. the river directly feeds Al Huwayza Marsh by overpasspipes at its end. It is also used for irrigating the nearby agricultural areas. A study forevaluating the hydraulic performance of the river has been carried out in order to developits ability to accommodate the excess inflow required for feeding the marsh and thesurrounding agricultural projects. All the necessary hydraulic measurements, needed toconstruct rating curves, at stations along the river course were carried out for a period ofsix months. A steady one dimensional hydraulic model has been prepared to simulatethe flow in this river using the HEC-RAS software (Version 3.1.3). The calibration andverification processes of the model have been carried out by making use of the fieldmeasurements. The obtained maximum allowable discharge of this river for the presentconditions is ranged from 20m3/sec to 35m3/sec for the water surface elevation of themarsh from 7.0m to 2.8m amsl, respectively, and the first flood section is located at23.5km downstream of the river inlet. The required cross sections to develop the capacityof the river have been obtained considering the marsh and agricultural requirements