Monthly Changes of Some Physiochemical Parameters for Tigris River- Baghdad between 2002-2003


A monthly study has been performed during October 2002 to March 2003 forTigris river flowing at four stations, the first is Al-Rashdia which is the river enterBaghdad city, the second near oil vegetables factory in AL-Masbah, the third neartanning and leather factory in Saeda and the last station in AL-Twetha about 200kilometers from the site of Tigris river contact with Dyalla river south of Baghdad.Some environmental parameters such as pH, temperature, turbidity, electricalconductivity, chloride, total hardness, biological oxygen demand, total suspendedsolids and total dissolved solids have been investigated.It has been found that temperature fill in the range (11.7-30)ºC for four stationsand the values of pH fill in the range (6.6-8.3). AL- Twetha contained the highestconcentration of BOD (7.5 mg/L), turbidity (100 NTU) at March. The highestvalues of E.C. (2069 mmhose/cm) at October and chloride (800 mg/L) at Novemberrecorded in Saeda . The highest values of total hardness recorded in AL-Masbah(225 mg/L) at November. The values of TSS and TDS (480,2210 mg/L) have beenobtained at AL-Masbah and Saeda during March and January respectively.