Effect of Follicle Size on Oocyte Recovery and Maturation In Vitro in Iraqi Sheep


The experiment was design to show the effects of the follicular size on percent of collection of Oocyte and maturation. From abattoir , 1440 sheep ovaries were collected at different stages of oestrus cycle. The oocytes were incubated at 5% Co2, Temperature 39cº and with humidity of 90% for 24hr.The result showed a high significant difference (p<0.05) between the large follicles (<2.5mm) and small follicles (>2mm) in percentage of oocyte recovery (67.02± 2.2 viz 64.18± 7.5) respectively and percentage of oocyte maturation (44.5± 2.07 viz 39.3± 8.5) respectively.It was concluded that the size of follicles could be affect the percent of oocyte recovery and maturation in vitro