Vibration Analysis of Sudden Enlargement Pipe Conveying Fluid with Presence of Heat Flux


The vibrated pipe conveying fluid with sudden enlargement and exposed to heat flux isstudying in this paper. The governing equations of motion for this system are derived by usingbeam theory. The effect of external force that applied at the mid length (at the enlargement) ofthe pipe is studied. The transfer matrix method is a technique that used in this study. Fromthis technique it can be compute the natural frequencies, mode shapes, deflection, slope,bending moment, shear force, velocity, and pressure for different cases of pipe conveyingfluid (with and without heat flux), also the effect of forced vibration on these parameter arepresented. Different types of supports are used to show the effect of changing the support'stype on the behavior of this system at different fluid velocities and heat flux. Also the effectof change the values of fluid velocities and heat flux on the Coriolis and compressive forceare studied. The results of this study are compared with the results that found from ANSYSprogram, also another comparison is made with the last investigation. Those comparisonsshow good agreement.